2015 Wedding Photography Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions in the country to get married, so it’s no wonder that there’s a plethora of talented wedding photographers here. As the wedding industry reacts and changes to new technologies, trends and fashion, it’s important for professional wedding photographers to rise to these new challenges and adapt to new industry norms. We asked four established photographers who have seen it all, from glamorous San Francisco City Hall ceremonies to beautiful wine country weddings, what they think are the trends to watch in wedding photography in 2015. Here’s what they had to say.

Joseph Kohn, IQ Photo

As the first glimpses of new buds and greenery appear, I’m thrilled once again as the wedding season swings into full gear. I’ve always specialized in San Francisco City Hall and Wine Country weddings and I’m expecting that both of these wedding settings will continue be popular this year. We’re seeing more and more established couples choosing a City Hall marriage and a big, fun party after. We’re also expecting to see more of the rustic trend which perfectly fits in to many, if not most of the stunning California Wine Country locales.

We saw one-shouldered weddings gowns on the runway at Fashion Week earlier in the year. I’m looking forward to these gorgeous gowns and new opportunities with new angles and approaches to capture that perfect photo of the bride.

I’m expecting to see a more toned down, monochromatic palette with accents of copper this year. I’ll be privileged to see all of the new colors and designs, all of the fresh excitement that 2015’s weddings will bring.

wedding photography trends 2015

Chris Shum Photography

The trend I can see in wedding photography style in 2015 is the creative use of both natural and artificial lighting to create perfect natural-looking images. And while I see more wedding couples going for unique venues or having wedding themes that reveal more of their own personal characters this year, an increased number of couples have expressed their preferences of having the genuine moments on the wedding day to be captured in a natural and unpretentious way rather than the posed images. In other words, “the moment is everything!” So I expect this to be the trend in Bay Area wedding couples’ requests in 2015!

2015 wedding photography trends

Mary McHenry Photography

I’m happy to say that my clients are excited for photographs that show family relationships and funny moments between friends.  They want images that express the connection between the couple, in an authentic, natural way.  I get to spend my time and focus documenting the gathering of their favorite people and less time on the details or carefully posed couple portraits.  40 years from now, a photo of you laughing with your dad will mean the world to you.  A photograph of a pair of shoes?  Less so.

San Francisco wedding trends 2015

Denise Birdsong, Modern Love Photography

In 2015 we are seeing trends that actually discard the idea of a trend even being relevant in their wedding photography.

More simply put, we are talking to more couples this year who are not interested in trends but are interested in capturing their first family heirloom in a timeless way that is full of emotion, intimacy and beauty.  To me this is one of the most significant shifts I have seen in the wedding industry as couples are beginning to understand that while the latest trends may be incredible additions to their wedding day event, their significance in imagery is far less relevant then their love story being told in a manner that will stand the test of time with grace.

photography trends 2015

A common trend that these photographers are seeing is the affinity for more natural, photojournalistic images that showcase the candidness and authenticity of the moment. Although the posed formals are not the top priority anymore, the idea of capturing family relationships in real moments seems to be the top trend for wedding photography in 2015. Fashion trends, like one-shoulder dresses, and popular monochromatic color palettes are giving photographers the opportunity to manipulate both natural and artificial lighting as well as different angles to achieve these shots that their couples are looking for.

What other wedding photography trends did you predict for 2015? Now that wedding season has started to pick up, what kinds of requests have you received thus far? We want to know what you think about these trends and whether or not you’ve seen them in your area.

Thank you to the following photographers for sharing their thoughts:

IQ Photo

Modern Love Photography

Mary McHenry Photography

Chris Shum Photography

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2015 Wedding Photography Trends in the San Francisco Bay Area
Curious what others think are the biggest wedding photography trends for 2015? See what 4 photographers predict to be popular this year in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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